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Poor Bella and Edward...

It's just sad. Holy Christ.

I feel like I'm in some weird alternative universe where this actually can't be happening; BD could not have been this bad.

I adored the wedding.

The honeymoon: I wish SM had chosen to explore the intimacy of their first time together, rather than choosing to skim over it, but again, I'm ultimately at peace with this.

I'm very NOT OK with SM's decision for Bella to become pregnant, and then quickly proceed to make the men in her life into manipulative jerks. For Edward and Jacob to scheme about what decisions Bella should make regarding her pregnancy is unacceptable. Yes, I understand Edward's need to protect Bella, but scheming with another guy about letting him impregnate his wife with other babies is just, well, it's just disrespectful. Instead of writing an intelligent scene where Edward and Bella discuss their feelings about the pregnancy, Edward's fears, Bella's desire to keep the baby, etc., we get some macho display of the boys trying to make decisions for her. Again.

 We're talking about trying to influence a woman's decision about whether she should keep/not keep a baby WITHOUT HER CONSENT. This is unacceptable, and I can't believe SM wrote that scene with such blatant disrespect of this issue.

And then I thought, OK, Bella's going to be pissed that these guys are trying to manipulate her decision making process, and instead she spews some crap about not being good enough to deserve the goodness of Edward and Jacob. They're looking out for her. Yes, this is what they're trying to do, but SM, honey, trying to manipulate a woman's decisions is NOT looking out for her. Loving that woman is NOT going behind her back and trying to get her to do something she does not want to do.

So, now I'm a little stuck. I stopped a couple chapters into Jacob's book. BF and I looked ahead, looked at some spoilers and discussions online and have a general idea about what happens later. He says Part 3 is better, more like the characters we know and love, but I'm left with this feeling that Edward and Bella have been cheated. Gosh, I feel cheated and disillusioned with this fandom that I've dived into the past months.
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