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Turning Back (1/?)

Title: Turning Back (1/?)
Rating: PG, for now (may be racier in later chapters if I have the nerve to write some smut)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Edward/Bella, other Cullens, no werewolves
Short summary:
Post-Eclipse. Edward's attempt to turn Bella does not go as planned, and Edward is forever changed.
Any warnings:
No BD spoilers.
They belong to Stephenie Meyer.
A/N: This is my first fanfic. Actually, it's my first-ever fiction. I've been lurking in the Twilight fandom, and I thought it was about time I joined in. I would love to hear any comments or constructive criticism you have.


"Something's wrong."

Edward's forceful words bring me back to consciousness. I feel pain but not the fiery pain of the transformation that I expected, and there is still the smell of blood threatening to pull me under again. My eyes are heavy, so heavy, but I manage to pull them open in search of his frantic voice.

He is standing away from me, further than I expected, further than I would have liked. Rigid and somehow not here. Not present.

"Edward?" Carlisle's voice, coming from somewhere close to me, near my head. He presses a bandage against the bleeding wound at my neck, and I wince, catching Carlisle's attention.

"Bella, how do you feel?" Carlisle's words are quick and nervous.

"I-I'm OK, I think. There's no pain. Not like James. Carlisle, did...did it not work?" My voice is hoarse and weak. I'm not sure that I have the strength to sit up, to stand up, but I need to. I need to go to Edward, to bring him back, but a tension in the air makes me hesitate. Something is wrong. 

Edward is standing in the middle of the room, eyes focused on some internal struggle waging within him. He is tense, body poised as if preparing an attack, but his fists are tightly balled at his side, braced with the force of restraining himself. I need him to look at me. I need him to tell me what's going on.

"Edward, w-what's wrong? Are you OK?" I manage to force my voice out around the lump in my throat.

His eyes find me, and there is such sadness in them that my eyes quickly spill over. He grimaces, and his pitch-black irises glaze over with pain and then a fear I have never seen in them.   

"Carlisle, get her out of here. Please. I can't control...." His pleading voice is cut off as he quickly spins, grabs the large, black leather sofa behind him, and flings it through the glass windows of his room. The explosive sound of the glass shattering is a catalyst, springing the scene into action. The next moments are a blur. Edward's siblings burst into the room, the air erupts into snarls, and two strong hands grab me and swing me up into their arms. We are running.

Read on...Chapter 2

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